Directed Energy deposition – powder or wire

DED is a process in which a material is directly deposited through a deposition system and fused to a part thanks to a directed energy flux (laser beam, electric arc, plasma transferred arc, and so on). The raw material can be in the powder or the wire form.

The process is operated within a machine thanks to an actuator moving the part and/or the material deposition system. Layer upon layer, geometry and material are generated. Multi-axis kinematic allows to build-up complex 3D structures without support.

DED is the most productive AM process. DED is used to repair damaged part, to add functions on the part, but also part coating, part build-up from scratch and blank generation. The highest value of this process is usually attained with conventional processes hybridization.

In Poly-Shape’s site, we have 1 DED-Powder Laser hybrid and 1 DED-Wire cell (Arc & plasma).