In addition to significant reductions of the lead-time, the additive manufacturing process offers unique possibilities in terms of internal geometries. It is possible to achieve a structural configuration inside the part such as a lattice or metallic mesh with variable thicknesses and spacing depending on the external part loading. Since the cost of the piece is strongly correlated to its volume (for the powder bed processes), it is important to optimize this for the most cost-effective design.

This needs work…

The team is working on manufacturing solutions for additive manufacturing design, focusing on the development of tools and methods as well as knowledge management.

All the processes currently implemented in production (UBL mainly), the processes in Development (LMD), the emerging processes as well as the scenarios coupled (manufacture hybrid) are considered Industrial matter of fact. Poly-Shape develops solutions with the finishing and completion. The aspects of quality control are also the object of developments in order to put in place controls Destructive and Non Destructive adapted (in situ and ex situ). In parallel, the developments of large-scale projects can also be conducted within the R&D department before the phase of industrialization.