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Research and Development

Poly-Shapes President and Founder comes from the world of research and places innovation at the center of the company. With a strong multidisciplinary team, the R&D department focuses its actions on four themes: the manufacturing processes, materials, methods of design for innovative components and methods of implementation (industrialization, checks, post-treatment, etc.). The professionalism of the R&D team is reflected by its participation in industrial programs, collaborative ventures and internal research projects.



Poly-Shape has expertise in powder-bed processes, and particularly in the amalgamation of metal in layers (LBM and EBM). The R&D team contributes to improvements of existing machine parameters while defining tests for future machines. The team is also involved in the evolution of new processes, either internally, or within the framework of collaborative projects.


Commonly used materials in additive manufacturing offer acceptable performances for most industrial sectors. In applications requiring high performance, it is often necessary to consider non-standard materials offering better mechanical properties, such dynamic parts with fatigue loading, or applications operating at extreme temperature. In such cases, the R&D team may conduct feasibility studies and then perform parametric optimization in order to utilize these new alloys for a production component. Of particular interest are alloys with new compositions and Metal Matrix Composites.


In addition to significant reductions of the lead-time, the additive manufacturing process offers unique possibilities in terms of internal geometries. It is possible to achieve a structural configuration inside the part such as a lattice or metallic mesh with variable thicknesses and spacing depending on the external part loading. Since the cost of the piece is strongly correlated to its volume (for the powder bed processes), it is important to optimize this for the most cost-effective design. This needs work… The team is working on manufacturing solutions for additive manufacturing design, focusing on the development of tools and methods as well as knowledge management. All the processes currently implemented in production (UBL mainly), the processes in Development (LMD), the emerging processes as well as the scenarios coupled (manufacture hybrid) are considered Industrial matter of fact. Poly-Shape develops solutions with the finishing and completion. The aspects of quality control are also the object of developments in order to put in place controls Destructive and Non Destructive adapted (in situ and ex situ). In parallel, the developments of large-scale projects can also be conducted within the R&D department before the phase of industrialization.


In order to facilitate the implementation of new industrial applications, Poly-Shape develops solutions to enhance surface finish. The quality control plan is also established to put in place Destructive and Non-Destructive controls (both on and off site). In parallel, the development of large-scale projects can also be conducted within the R&D department before the industrialization phase.

Nos Projets R&D

FAIR - Fabrication Additive pour l’Intensification de Réacteurs

IDEAS - Développement d’un réducteur de bruit pour des systèmes d’air conditionné d’avion

HyProCell - Développer des cellules de production multiprocess hybrides intégrées : fabrication additive & procédés de reprise

DREAM - Améliorer les performances des pièces métalliques fabriquées en fabrication additive

I-AM-SURE - Inspection de pièces en Additive Manufacturing : Santé - Usages - Métrologie - Tenue

PALOMA - Procédés additifs lit de Poudre : Optimisation et modélisation avancées

ADDIMAFIL - Additive Manufacturing par dépôt de fil

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