An expertise for every sector

Each of our teams are dedicated to an industrial sector, we can review your specific needs and guide you toward an optimal strategy to achieve your project. With their expertise, they can adapt the qualification procedures specific to each industry.


Beyond our motivation to remain an industry leader at the forefront of additive manufacturing technology, we are engaged in the process of continuous innovation. We develop R&D activities both internally, through Ph.D. theses, and in collaboration with large international OEM’s and institutions. We are always open to new developments and your most forward-looking requests. Our theme days and group creativity workshops immerse you in theoretical and practical training for designing for additive manufacture.


Design for the additive manufacturing : our methodology   Our office specializes in design for Additive Manufacture. We can offer innovative concepts to transform an existing or new design into a component that takes full advantage of the process benefits and optimize it for manufacture. We become an extension of your design department, and work with your engineers, specifications and plans to realize a producible component within the process capabilities. Thanks to the diversity of our processes, and wide range of machine models and capacities, we work with design rules built up from over ten years of metal additive manufacturing experience. We have even designed software solutions accordingly.

3D Production

The core of our capability is 3D metal printing. We have production capacity of over 30 metal machines, with 5 additive manufacturing processes, across 4 facilities in Europe. The diversity of our machine base allows us to manufacture quantities from a single prototype to series production. We offer a large variety of materials and significantly reduced lead times compared with conventional processes..

Post Production

Following manufacture, we ensure the completion of all processes and inspections to meet part requirements and quality standards. We are equipped for heat treatment, dimensional and non-destructive testing. Our subcontracting network supports all post printing operations including machining and surface finishing, allowing us to supply a complete to print component.

Control & analysis

Our Quality department and our internal laboratory ensure compliance to all standards and requirements. Certified by ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and in 9100 we are qualified for the aeronautical, space and medical industries.

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