Case study

"Master-pieces on wheels…"

Poly-Shape, European leader in metal additive manufacturing, and Dab Motors, expert in motorbike engineering and customization, teamed up in order to design and create an impressive motorbike called ALTER. Instead of opting for traditional custom motorcycle building, Simon Dabadie, owner and head designer of Dab Motors, uses the latest technology to create his master pieces.  Within his search to push technology forward in motorcycle building, Dab Motors asked to Poly-Shape experts to put all of their skills together to create different parts of the motorbike.

"Complexity of an hydraulic manifold"

The case study goal is to manufacture a complex hydraulic manifold and enhance the couple LBM process (laser beam machining)/surface treatment.

"Estonishing crankshaft in 3D, with capricorn AUTOMOTIVE France..."

“We started our collaboration with Polyshape in 2017; the know-how and the passion of their teams make Polyshape an ideal partner to accelerate our production of crankshafts prototypes times. The technology allows today to consider a crankshaft printed 3D turning in an engine; “Polyshape believes, we too… that’s why we like to work with them.” Berthel JM – CEO of capricorn AUTOMOTIVE France.

"Reduce your weight with the metal AM."

If you want to decrease the number of your exhaust plate while reducing its weight in a meaningful way, then this case study is for you… realized in close collaboration with Pipo Moteurs.

"Impressive & innovative ball-joint exhaust system from France"

Pipo-Moteurs, a famous French high performance engine specialist, was searching for a solution to tackle mechanical failures of the exhaust system in extreme Rally and Rallycross competitions. Pipo-Moteurs has designed and developed a brand new ball joint exhaust system, highly considering the different heat expansion between the 3 layers of the ball joint to keep it free and sealing when hot during the race.
Poly-Shape, European leader in metal A3D printing, was challenged to find the right process to produce the parts with thin clearance between the layers, in only one print. Numerous design and manufacturing processes were done before having the right set up.

This new “PSPM“ ball joint concept is simple : the two layers are sliding, one inside the other, and the sealing is ensured by the differential expansion phenomenon created between the two parts. Unbreakable, light and flexible…indeniable assets in the motorsport.

"Hybrid contol arm (DED-P)"

As the automotive industry looks for innovative solutions to reduce carbon emissions and improve passenger safety, many OEMs have set their sights on parts.

Using Additive Manufacturing tools, Aperam, Altair and Poly-Shape have developed new, optimized designs for automotive lower control arms. The new designs meet OEM specifications for reduced weight and/or improved mechanical stiffness. This was accomplished using a DED-powder approach, which adds extra material to a hot-stamped martensitic part (MaX 1.2HY), with the initial thickness determined by the targeted lightweight/stiffness. This innovative, hybrid approach was successfully applied to a prototype part that outperforms the baseline design by +450%.

"Cold plate with complex geometry, with a single cooling channel"

In the race for electrification, among the issues is the cooling of electronic components. The challenge is twofold because the weight of the vehicle must also be as low as possible. Currently, the cold plates are made with two half aluminum alloy shells enclosing a curved copper alloy tube. The result is a heavy design with loss of heat transfer between the half shells and the tube, with a risk of loss of waterproofing.

Thanks to 3D metal printing, it is possible to create various types of cooling including perpendicular and radial fins (like caloducs). During production, the structure is self-supported. The orientation of the surfaces reduces the amount of supports, which leads to a reduction in the cost and risks associated with the manual recovery of surfaces. Chemical machining can be used to improve the internal surface condition of the cooling duct and thus the performance of the part.

"Poly-Shape and La Precision, a partnership to innovation..."

Poly-Shape, European leader in 3D metal printing, has set itself a new challenge in close collaboration with La Precision, an expert in the manufacture of high-precision micromechanics: to create a small functional part with complex geometries.It was the opportunity for La Precision to manufacture a piece from metal additive manufacturing and to understand its new technical requirements. The goal for these two partners is to design and master a comprehensive innovative production process for high-demand industries such as aeronautics, defence and energy.