Case study

"Master-pieces on wheels…"

Poly-Shape, European leader in metal additive manufacturing, and Dab Motors, expert in motorbike engineering and customization, teamed up in order to design and create an impressive motorbike called ALTER. Instead of opting for traditional custom motorcycle building, Simon Dabadie, owner and head designer of Dab Motors, uses the latest technology to create his master pieces.  Within his search to push technology forward in motorcycle building, Dab Motors asked to Poly-Shape experts to put all of their skills together to create different parts of the motorbike.

"Complexity of an hydraulic manifold"

The case study goal is to manufacture a complex hydraulic manifold and enhance the couple LBM process (laser beam machining)/surface treatment.

"Estonishing crankshaft in 3D, with capricorn AUTOMOTIVE France..."

“We started our collaboration with Polyshape in 2017; the know-how and the passion of their teams make Polyshape an ideal partner to accelerate our production of crankshafts prototypes times. The technology allows today to consider a crankshaft printed 3D turning in an engine; “Polyshape believes, we too… that’s why we like to work with them.” Berthel JM – CEO of capricorn AUTOMOTIVE France.

"Reduce your weight with the metal AM."

If you want to decrease the number of your exhaust plate while reducing its weight in a meaningful way, then this case study is for you… realized in close collaboration with Pipo Moteurs.